Snow Mix number 06 - 2020 edit BMX

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magmavander & thOke
Acid Jazz
An oldie from 2003!! I don't remember who wrote the original theme (me ? thOke ?) and if there is another buzzer here (Shytan ?).I used Rout Soundfont loader but as I didn't renamed well the machine with used soundfont name, I cant remember which one I used... I replaced it with Matilde Tracker and one note bass and one note jazz guitar.It's a complex setup but feel free to remix
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Great one. The bass is a coup! The mp3 stops in the middle, did you render it?
  • ?? Strange, here when I listen to the mp3 stream or download and play it it's full...
  • ups, after restart its ok. Probably a cache problem of firefox ?? Where to find the Q Piano by the way?
  • I cant copy/paste the url here, search at site it's qwerty's "Piano"
  • Thank you Mag for BMX,I like it.Reminds me something..
  • nicely done
  • @mag: thanx. Admins says,  its a due to security patch (the link problem)@temporalsounds: ok. I have only an early version download. Maybe one-time I try it really.... Song keeps me curious whats next
  • @HerrFornit : OK,no problem.Like magmavander says,there are more great examples from thOke and tinga at buzzforum to download bmx with using IXmagic.Amazing stuff.
  • Yeah. thanx. I follow from the distance