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Acid Jazz
Something I've done for the new Buzz Compo in project at buzzchurch. All done with Buzz. Drums are one shot samples used with SGrid last beta and the bass is a one note (C4) sample played with Matilde. EPiano is HD PercFM, moogy synth is Kibibu GreenMilk, Wah guitar is HD JGuitar. Electronic percussions at the end is Wacko-cmx T1.
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  • Here he is again, the man that lately loads videos on youtube and remixes nice female voices. This time it's a nice song, but Flos leads the last round best wishes for the new year and the rest of the old one ...
  • Speaking of videos... I made a video to show how I create jazzy stuff with buzz and how much buzz is intuitive. It's the first episode. If I have enough time I'll make a sequel to it. It's in two parts because you cant upload movies that are more than 10 minutes at youtube. Part 1 : Part 2 :
  • flos
    Yeah, I have to check these out!
  • [anonymous]
    ... the man "who" ...!!!
  • [anonymous]
    Last track in 2009!
  • cool Excel videos magmavander