The Martians are coming

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Trip Hop
This one started with the test of the (excellent) free vst 2gether audio Ticky Clav 2 two evening ago. 
Mainly free vst here and buzz fx. 

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  • Nice one relaxing song for me too.
    Sounds seriously professionaly,sound is EQ and  balanced very good.
    That nice horn and guitar...,, did you play it on some instruments ?
    very nice work indeed
    11,, sorry 10

  • Hi TS, thanks I dont play any instrument. The guitar is free vst Super Riff guitar and the "horn" solo is ZynaDub Fx which is also a free vst. Bass is audjoo_helix free vst

  • I often do start songs by playing around with a new instrument and getting inspired.  Do you?
    I like that "heavy" rhythm and the vocal martian sample. The snare is sounding good with nice fading out. Did you try a kind of more offbeat with that bongo? I played around with supper riff a while ago but it sounded not really convincing to me yet. But it fits really great in your song! Perhaps I should give it another try!
    Thanx for inspiration and for the clavinet  !

  • Yes a lot of my songs started while testing vst/buzz machines or soundfont. 

    The bongo needs a lot of more variations I agree but this song is more like an exercise so I didn't work very much on it.

    I think super riff is quite good, of course the variety of sounds is limited but with a little bit of work (mainly changing the different mode and using fx) you can get some decent guitar riffs or solo. 

    Thanks for the listening and commenting!!