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Just a simple idea, not a finished song at all. Feel free to add/remix blah blah...
PS : I zipped all the machines used in it, download it here :

List : 
[    1] Master
[    1] BmxPlay _303
[    5] Jeskola Pattern XP mod [packed]
[    1] FSM PhatMan [packed]
[    2] HD COmbO Delay  ( -  
[    1] ErsKick [packed]
[    1] ErsSnare [packed]
[    1] ErsHihat [packed]
[    1] Fuzzpilz Lesser Cheese [packed]
[    6] Jeskola Pattern XP [packed]
[    1] FireSledge ParamEQ [packed]
[    1] kibibu Green Milk [packed]
[    2] Fuzzpilz Chorpse [packed]
[    1] Rymix StereoBox Pro [packed]
[    2] HD HALYverb  ( -  
[    1] Zephod Yellow Filter [packed]
[    1] Zu Tube Head [packed]
[    1] Arguelles TB4004 [packed]
[    1] Zephod Blue Filter [packed]
[    1] 7900s 'Osc' Amplitude Modulator
[    1] Oomek Exciter [packed]
[    1] mixIO 1.3 -
[    1] Oomek Masterizer [packed]
[    1] cheapo amp [packed]
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

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  • ok I'm hooked.

    Buzz is indicating that all machines are installed but the song isn't working correctly here. Dont know why.
  • Can you tell me more ? What happens (nothing in patterns ?).
  • Have you installed PatternXP mod by chahur ?
  • I use chahurs xp, too.

    most patterns are empty. Only k is producing sound/notes.

    While first loading, this error appears:
    Lee Dragon's Mono to Stereo Wrapper!
    Mono Dll wasnt found
    Machine ist temporarliy disabled
    Loading the song by recent files agian, the error is gone.

  • Long time ago there was an utility called Lee Dragon's mono to stereo Wrapper that turns all mono machines to stereo. Here I used a stereo wrapped version of Zu TubeHead. You can remove it, it doesnt change very much the sound.

    I use two PatternXP dll. The original from Oskari and the chahur's version. When you use the two version, the chahur's one is (re)named PatternXP Mod.dll when the original keeps its name PatternXP.dll. The two are stored in generator's folder.

    This is a bit confusing and I suppose you have installed the chahur's one which replace the original and keep the same name (so there is only a PatternXP.dll in your generator's folder and no PatternXP mod.dll). Am I right ?

    If you have done like me (installing the two versions), maybe you have to go to pattern view and choose PatternXP mod as Editor for each machine but not the k machine of course (I have forgotten to use PatternXP mod as editor for this one).

    I will upload a version using only one PatternXP (the chahur's one replacing the Oskari's one but keeping the same name of PatternXP.dll, no more PatternXP mod.dll).
  • Thanx for your detailed explanation!

    Yes, there is only one "Jeskola Pattern Xp.dll". I replace the oroginal one with chahur's.

    then I await the new version ... 
  • I will make it as soon as possible (it's a bit a teddious work). Thanks!!
  • Nice BMW almost a "3ern" .
    Everything works fine in my Buzz-setup, just what the Hack is BMX play 303? A renamed machine (imo) o.k. which 303 is it? 10!
  • PS : I zipped all the machines used in it, download it here :
    Hoooray!  I'm able to read again and I found the "zip"