Turning Around WIP

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An old snippet reworked but not finished ATM. All buzz made : Infector, Ozo, GreenMilk, Mtkr, Sgrid with one shot samples + buzz fx.
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  • Wow, totally fat sound and cool effects. Like the effect of the vocal sample very much. Although a ingoing rhythm, a bit repetitive for me, perhaps some variation in melody?
  • Yes ! I stand up from my chair and dancing.Seriously!Great tune.Love it!
  • This quarantine makes me crazy
  • https://ibb.co/z488R47
  • I try to imagine I wished to be at home.
  • Hey, Lubo-dance. In two weeks every body dance it. He he.
  • Thanks my friends. Lubo you made my day with this photography Thanks a lot!!It's not finished so I think I will add more rythmic variations. 
  • And also a chord change of course.
  • Cool! I like it.
  • Nice!! Reminds me of https://www.discogs.com/de/Morgan-Geist-The-Driving-Memoirs/master/79749I loved that album!
  • Thanks Otti and thOke  
  • I hope for a future mag-otti-tho collab magotito, sounds cool as name, after the great Shymatho!!
  • Great work Mag.The most interesting thing to my mind: The Rhythm-group in an old 1.5 Matilde, it crashed my Buzz if I clicked on it for the params ...  You used cool vocals but TiNRS are also fine ...
  • Thanks Buzztler!  What is TiNRS ? 
  • Ah! I just read your comment on your remix