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This song is about the end of the world. This IS from a boom-boom-nuclear explosion-everyone's dead point of view (as opposed from the viewpoint of the song 'end'). Gloomy eh?

This song was written and completed in parallel with the song "End" (back in 2003) - with this song taking about an extra week once the original "End" was finished.

Since then, I've come back to it (like i've done with all my old songs) and revamped it a bit. I've added more guitar texture and more background synths to the mix - and also cleaning up the percussion (removing the crappy reverb I used to put on evey song and a few too many cymbal crashes) and making the mix slightly less "muddy" (there was quite a lot of bass in the original!)

The singing voice in the original version of this song was completly computer generated. However, listening to that version now the voice is a bit crap. So I've completly replaced the voice with a (hopefully) better one - still keeping the computer generated theme. If it's still unclear then you can always read what they're meant to say at the bottom of this page

I also added an extra verse, as I thought the original 3 was a tad too short. The talking voice has also been redone - using a simular style to that of the new "End" and "Quiet" songs.

And , yes, the guitars are tracked in this song too (just like they were/are in the song "End")


Was it supposed to be this way?
Now it's time for the whole world to pay
Is it your god you always obey
Or is it power you seek today?

Poision the land, darken the sky
Kill all the people who may ask you why
Root of all evil, I tell no lie
All money kills, we're all gonna die.

Kill all the creatures, pollute all the sea
Nuclear disaster is now all we need
Fixing the world costs too much for me
Destroying the world has always been free

You may know who you think you are, but do you know when you've gone too far? (x2)

Was it supposed to be this way?
Now it's time for the whole world to pay
Now it's time for your last day
Now it's time to release dooms day

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