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This song is about a combination of faith, doubt, ambitions and the confidence to carry out them out without going to far and always having the ability to question what your doing is actually sensible. A bit of a mixed up thing, really......

This track was first created during my Fasttracker 2 phase back in 1997, progressed through about 7 versions (all were a bit crap and/or incomplete, version 4 was complete which is what this song is based on, but the mastering was all screwed) until this version I was finally happy with - a bit of a quest for myself, actually


Do not have any doubts or those doubts will come true
You must have faith in yourself to succeed
You are ready only when you believe you are ready
You must go where your heart tells you to go
Believe in yourself

Religion is for the weak, beliefs are just restricted ideas
Release your spirit, free your mind and believe in yourself
The fact is however, the human mind is distracted by day to day trivia and the effect is the spirit becomes blind.

May your god have mercy on your soul

Death is not the end
It is only the beginning
Do not turn back on yourself
Your in it for life

Where are you going?
What is it for?
What do you believe in
If you have no faith anymore

Can you answer my question
Before you open that door
Before you waste your life
On a fucking metaphor

(Where are you going?)
(What is it for?)
(Believe in yourself)

This is my life
I don't need your help
This is my quest
I don't need your help

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