Rivalis Soundtrack

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A polish film director asked me to make music for his film, and i gladly made it This is the music for credits.
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  • good job
  • jMj
    yeah, nice job. nice arrangement. somehow reminds me of depeche mode's playing the angel album, soundwise.
  • How much did he pay you? It sounds nice.
  • Wow !!! Starts with your typical fingerprint cello and then turns into something different much brighter ... Great sound, I like it full points
  • Thank you everybody for the comments and the ratings! It's not public, how much i got for the job When i started to compose, it had the dark mood of the film, but then it became that bright, fortunately it wasn't in the film music, just in the credits
  • Shytan
    Man, that's just awesome! My respect!
  • Thank you very much shytan, i'm very happy, that you liked it! anicator: i'm registered at myspace and soundclick. The film director found me at soundclick and he wrote me there.
  • [anonymous]
  • anicator, don't wait for someone to contact you, if you want to do commercial music... send out demos... find them and contact them, let them know your out there, and that you want to work with them.
  • anicator
    Where should I start? (I did get contacted today, but this one is non-commercial)
  • mag
    Well done with a good atmosphere. Creating an atmosphere is so important in soundtrack...
  • EWQLSO Gold and Goliath are coming! I've ordered them a few hours ago.
  • anicator: check your email
  • anicator
    Already did. I already replied. Did you get the message?