[CSC] PL - Unfoldered BMX

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Sine only comp. Song written @ -3. If you like it @ 0, cool..but I wrote it @ -3.

Perhaps the most machines I've ever used in a BMX due to all the waveshaping and digging out of partials while keeping them tame with comps and bandpassing.

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  • Cool groove.
     Where is D1 Whitenoise, didn't find it on BM, and i get a crashed sound, i can' t imagine that. 
  • Was afraid I'd used something not posted. http://plosive.net/buzz/WhiteNoise D1.dll
  • Thx for the delay, strange, the saturation is with JLimit, did you set pregain to max? again funny values like +71 db or +108 db, anyway i can now play the bmx correctly.
  • lol.. what no.. theres no gains like that. You must have the wrong Joachim Limiter. The shortname is unfortunately JLimit, but it's Joachim Limiter V3. http://buzzmachines.com/machineinfo.php?id=365 Earlier versions should be deleted. The poor naming of Joa's basic limiter has always been an annoyance. Specially when you also know there are earlier useless mono machines with the same name!
  • Gets better the more you listen!
  • Ok, don't know why i had the wrong machine, your buzz knowledge always amaze me, so useful. 
    Great sound for this bmx.