Dark Blue (PM Supper Mix)

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Pattern Man
quickly added a drumllop, a 303 and a phatman ... ))
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Dj AXS
    Wow ! Four remixes in a row ! God damnit ! PM's allmighty remixing power in action...
  • hehe, only really, really minor additions
  • Fan of Pattern…
    I will listen to all the series, (no time ATM) but I know that it will be good, P.M is the Alchemist who can t transform all the shit into gold !
  • All is transformed as I imagined it : in pure gold ! ...my preferred is this one. Two thumbs up P.M !
  • Do you want remix some of mine? :angel:
  • PM
    sure ... where are the bmx files ?
  • anicator
    you don't like samples?
  • samples are fine, too
  • Yeh. Sorry. But the .bmx uses commercial VSTis.
  • Damn I love them all. The added flavor is just what they needed Pattern Man. It shoes your great ability to both write and listen to music.
  • PM
    Hey, thx, that's a really nice compliment !! I am glad you liked the short additions !