Gerry Cueto - Mystic Island 2004 (feat Hamst3r)

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supersaw megatrance featuring Hamst3r on guitar... updated again on May 24 with that kick distortion intro fixed. updated on July 09 with the limiter glitch fixed.
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • BigDplayboy
    Nice track! Did you get the string out of the infector?!?! And how about the lead that kicks in in the break? Is that too from the infector?
  • quartz76
    the main lead is infector so is the big trance strings... the strings that overlay the track near the ending is kazuya cafebass... heh it sucks for basslines but is a genious creation for strings.. lead in the break? you mean the little plucky lead? that's HD303
  • magmavander
    Thumb up for the production. What a POWERFUL sound :o) And the construction is excellent, all the breaks are well done, it's not repetitive. It's a kind of compliment for trance I give 10 !!
  • spiritcatcher
    a) the end is too long b) needs extra mastering for the laden part in the 3rd 4th c) after fixing that, call Edel records and cash in, Dudes...
  • simonstålenhag
    Yeah, great. Nice sound. Great structure. I would get a little grumpy if I got this tip but I'll give it anyway: I think it lacks a more expressive theme, or the thematics is a bit fuzzy when listening to it for the first time. It feels like all the building up and all the fat strings could lead up to something bigger. Anyway, thumbs up!!
  • quartz76
    good tip... but I can't comprehend it... mind elaborating on that one? like what do you want? a breakbeat somewhere in the break... is it hard to explain in words?
  • [anonymous]
    Hi again. No I was just thinkin of having a melody that kind of sums up the whole song. Like a concetrated expression of the feeling of the song. Breakbeats are good but then, I think, it is another style. I don't think you would need that in this one to give it that final touch. Think consistent and compose by that one feeling you want to express, sometimes it can get messy when you have a lot of different feelings trying to take place in one song. Which I think could be the case of my song "the sound of power". That one would have been less incoherent if I would have composed all three parts within the same idea. Now I ended up with three very different parts, and I liked all of them so I tried to find a way to tie them together.
  • xenobioz
    Amazing! One of the best buzz tracks Ive heard. Very good job!
  • Surya
    Hey, you've used that trance patch that can be found on :P
  • quartz76
    I made that trance patch :P... it's by quartz76.. and that happens to be me
  • quartz76
    so what's wrong with using my own patches in my own songs?
  • quartz76
    what was that all about? o_0
  • jimbojones
    YOU are not allowed to use your own patches!
  • quartz76
    thanks :P I'll keep that in mind for next time
  • tofresh
    This one was really good! Very powerful sound! Keep up the good work!
  • Sparschäler
    woooooooooaaahh.... I'm flying...
  • joey
    Very good work and the first piece I found on that side that is really structured. Thats the kind of music I like to produce (and hopefully do soon) and listen to! Keep on!
  • Dduos
    Yes the Best!!!! How You are working?? Please!!! J Have Fruity Loops 5 demo, J dont' woriking