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Jeroen Broks
My name is Jeroen Broks. I used to be known as "Tricrokra" that lateron became "Tricky" and due to strange circumstances I'm now known as "Rachel" and been called that so much now that I decided to use it as my internet nick for the time being. I'm a Dutch guy, married, working as a volunteer webmaster. I'm actually not a musician but a novel writer when it comes to art, though I have a great love for music, and I really like music created by non-commercial artists. I like to help artists of any kind in any way I can. Don't be offended if I would name some negative points on your work, as I never intend to insult, but rather to give 'constructive advice'. I came to BuzzTunes by invitation (as I am a Trax In Space member), and my curiosity was triggered (especially since TiS seems dying because of lack of administration). Just let me hear your work, guys.... I'd love to hear what you can make
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Uploads: 0 | Comments: 12 | Votes: 9