After Hours

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Grainy, a bit dark and far too repetitive, but it is short. Drums could do with some work, but I quite like their staccato feel.

Samples from Carlito's Way.
'Ice cream van' sample from Freesound (24008).
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  • razornaut
    didn't really sell it, did I? haha... ah well.
  • Liked the dark feel of this tune. Perfect background track to a movie scene. Not quite sure about voice samples.
  • razornaut
    Thanks shytan! yeah, not so sure about the samples either, but i felt in the end, although doesnt really add anything, doesnt detract either... but yeah... perhaps the quotes are a bit lame? also, i always want to show off my great taste in films (pfffftt.. my gf will find that hilarious; she will rue the day we joined lovefilm!) - not big, not clever and certainly not original, but i always like doing it although usually the more obscure the sample, the better... all my dvds are pretty mainstream though... baghh... (3 hrs on easyjet from madrid sat next to a white guy with dreadlocks and just 2 hrs sleep is what im workibg with here). Anyway, thanks again for checking it out!
  • Great sound!