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An attempt at 'neurofunk' - really enjoyed making this, although it is a bit repetitive at times. The sample is from the film 'Brick'; if you haven't seen it and get the chance to, do! Anyways, comments and suggestions always welcome.
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  • Makes me think of an excellent Tech Itch track under his Penetration label... Very good !
  • mag
    Good one, imaginary soundtrack for a futuristic 'film noir'. You created a great atmosphere. Thanks!
  • I like the overall dark vibe; it would be nice if there were more variation on the beats and maybe more sounds that come in. Like the use of the 'Brick' samples (will have to watch that again; never made my mind up about that film)
  • i liked it... i still dont know what neurofunk is.... i think the voice sample needs to be louder and have more fx on the voice sample... over all i think its a good track.
  • razornaut
    thanks for the comments, el duderinos. will work some more on the beats, etruscan - I may change the snare altogether. Jenny, it's not really that successful as neurofunk, but more as techstep. I mixed on headphones and have only just had a listen on some decent monitors at work; you're right, it needs to be louder. I think the FX I added on the sample is hidden in the mix, atm, so increasing it, should give them more presence. Also, just noticed that the 'waroomphh' bass (for the lack of a better descriptive word) is also a bit hidden. Anyways, will work on it. Ta !!
  • I'm missing some kind of climax or change in some parts. Other than that, have you thought of releasing this one commercially?