Necronom (WIP)

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Dark drum and bass. A few changes are needed I think: may get rid of the Alien sample and needs a bit more variation and perhaps a full on lead, but saying that, I have no inclination to make this sound like a Pendulum track (no 'ladyboy' vocals, thank you). Also needs a few more interesting SFX to lift the ambient texture. Mixed with headphones so might be a little -too- bass heavy. Couldn't give a monkey's that the Amen break is overused . Comments and suggestions very welcome.
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  • Yeah, (sub?)bass seems a bit loud on my headphones too. Sounds promising, but keep those bursts and retriggers for an IDM remix
  • Excellent drums, excellent dark atmosphere !
  • Quality track! As most (or even all on bm?) by you! It just needs some more stuff in it. I first thought I heard a very quiet saw-bass-line, but it's the distorted bd. You could put a simple saw-synthie (the best the 3rd octave) in, that is playing the same rythm as the bd. Or as you mentioned a full on lead. On my speakers, the bass is alright! And I also like the atmosphere very much. keep this one updated!
  • magmavander
    Yep, very well done, speed and dark I enjoyed!
  • Dark and moody. Nice!