Four AM

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This is just a sketch. Some guitar used here... Very raw...
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  • Yes, it's a little raw, but very nice. The melodies are beautyful. It can be a base of a wonderful song.
  • magmavander
    Once again a superb Shytan snippet Promising theme. Put it at bOcd ?
  • Cool sketch, but much too short! Make a picture out of this and keep the mood!! It is great shytan-stuff!!! Btw: I think the `rawness´ fits here very well ...
  • vacuum
    Hey, that's very beautiful! I really like that moment when the bass starts. Then the bass stops for a while and in my imagination then the whole band starts: with drums. Very Good.
  • Shytan
    Perhaps... Care to expand this tune into something decent? I can upload the source to BoCD... I know you got experience with real bass instruments, Vacuum. Drop me a line if you have any ideas about it.
  • vacuum
    This snippet is so beautiful and my imagination is so vivid about what could happen that I'm a little scared that I'm not able to realise it Yes please upload it to BoCD and let me be next to work on it Let's do it.
  • sparschaeler
    the background rocks. cool mood.
  • d(-_-)b
    a beginning of very promising sketch !
  • hmm, still no votes. This one diserves a vote: 10 (ignoring that it is short).
  • guiTmic
    Yes, beautiful harmo !...more !
  • Shytan