Hæmodynamica Part I (extended mix)

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Acid Jazz
Here's a tune made a while ago. Technically it's the OGG version of this release with a few lines added, a slightly (4:48) extended version. 

mda ePiano, HD 303 ReaL, Geonik's PrimiFun, ld padsyn & some samplers playin' for you

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  • Shytan hey I like this music - is pleasant melodies and electronic sounds, and the rhythm  I like, my congratulations
  • A buzz classic Cool adds by the way.
  • An absolute dream track, max score... I bow to ure skills
  • Always loved this so much.
  • Great one. I think it would have been nice if you added more variation to the track or at least some extra sections but this works great as background music in it's current form.
  • Thanks, folks.
  • Hey temporalsounds.another one you like, too?perhaps very powerful!thanks ottimista. do you want o upload the bmx?
  • Thnx )) Here is the BMX. But beware! Might not work in current versions of Buzz.
  • hey, super! thanks so much.Works perfect with new buzz here
  • My pleasure
  • Love it ! Very good selection HeffFornit.Thank you! BMX working and loaded with NewBuzz with any issues,,no missing machines here... great...I like the 'JedShivaMeter' before mastering.I am using this machine too ,,for metering the clipping..Thank you Ottimista for BMX
  • Ohh my fault again,--HerrFornit--,I'm sorry !! I try to write quick and this is the result .