Loki (Russian Linesman vs Shytan mix) - MP3

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And the MP3 version at last.. For those who haven't heard anythin' about OGG
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  • This is a kind of trance I like a lot ... and this is definitely YOUR genre, respect! Powerful, but nevertheless relaxing and hypnotic. I could listen to it again and again!!
  • russian linesman
    extremely interesting. really great build at about 4 mins onwards. thank you. if anyone else wants to remix loki email me.
  • guiTmic
    Yes !Super work of arrangt & re-instrumentation Shy ! very cool use of synth1 with mgTrigger(and drum samples too) and these 303 makes wonders throughout piece! great idea also to add these TTS voices (I like them!)Merci aussi pour le TriggerGate !
  • monoton
    not my cup of tea, but nice technique and master what is here to hear
  • cobrasm
    indeed a beautiful trace an exceptional rhythm!
  • magmavander
    Ouch!! Technically this is very impressive. The kind of song that must be included in any Buzz pack. A must download if you want to learn how to get a pro sound. Shytan, you are the king of the reverb and the delay. All instrument is clearly audible, all sounds crystal clear. I was less convinced by the melodic side. C'est du très beau travail Shytan ;D
  • Shytan
    Thanks for commenting, people.
  • vacuum
    Very good sound. Reminds me of Scaldor
  • djkortsu
    Really nice and sounds. Very good track, well produced. You have got nice harmony in this one. Sounds really great:J
  • marksman
    hell yeah, dammd good inspiration rel@kstr@ck respect maximum :P go on to
  • Lizard
    The best piece for quite a long time - considering my taste! Man, awesome...