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Here’s some shitty electronic choon I wrote a couple o’ days ago. It’s based on two 303s, just like in ReBirth – one doing the solo while the other is the bassline. The acid-like squelches came out not worse than those in ReBirth, I guess, but the composition is rather poor, especially at position 1024 where the melody changes No VSTi or samples used this time – “it’s all Buzz power”, as someone said. Check out those skinned gens and tell me what you think PEACE!
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  • shellyb
    if ya want my opinion i think thats cool. daecent sound effects with noise and cool dreamy leads. 9/10
  • magmavander
    You kill me Shytan You always wrote quality songs. Quality in melody and in sound production. Even if Trance is not my prefered "genre", you transcended (!?) it in this tune with your very personal "Touch". 9 of course
  • stereo_wind
    agree with both
  • thoke
    Nice melodic evolvement - as always - and warm sounds, but the drums are rather weak imo. (btw: i used the same picture to skin the hd real303 some times ago
  • nool
    Very nice bmx, i really like the various machines and their instruments/use/melodies ... you should check out fuzzpilz fudrum3,fudrum2 really great drum synths ! .... just in general, there are alot of quality bmxs up on here lately, thanks people ... 9
  • serg
    i don't think that it is poor, despite only two 303s is used it sounds good. Privet iz Kazakhstana!
  • Shytan
    Thanx for those comments, folks Doin' what I can...
  • witiza
    It is too much repetitive, but the magic-feeling 303s' melody and the warm ambient make that unimportant. I really love it!