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Diggin' up some old stuff from the HDD's Here's an old sample-less tune from 2004. I kinda like it still.
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  • Ооочень "панорамный" звук! Классно! Приятный мелодический рисунок. 
    На sunvox похоже. Или тарричок Buzz?
  • Аа, не прочел, теперь вижу, Buzz
  • Awesome trip. I a fan of your basslines, they are so great. And your use of delay is masterpiece. It's always a pure pleasure to listen to your music 10, what else ?
  • "I am a fan..." 
    When will the "Edit" button be back
  • magmavander, absence of "edit" button makes me to think seven times before press "add" once
    I don't know what kind of proverb you have in the French language, we usually say "measure 7 times - cut once"
    In English it's "Measure thrice and cut once", as far as I remember.
  • There is something similar in french but it's more about speaking  
    It's : "turn 7 times your tongue in your mouth before speaking". To me it's before clicking on "Add comment"
  • That's funny, you have also 7...
    We as well say "7 nannies has one eyeless child" (too many cooks spoil the broth), in Arabic it's like "7 navigators sink the ship".

    "Seven nation army" by the white stripes seven-heaven, seven seas etc.  I feel like my next tune is gonna have 7 in its name )))
  • Thanks for feedback. The comments editing will be added soon. I'm just thinking about replacing the current editor itself.
  • Good pick Shytan, one of my favorites.

    solshadda, i made a seven song, your turn.
  • jennyrave
    well, i'm working on remix now. It's "The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So deserted". I gonna name it like "seven oil barrels remix"  

  • Another 10 voting by me ... what a cold spring ...