Sojourner: Exploring the Surface (intro - WIP)

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This tune is based on an older setup of mine with some extra instruments introduced, samplework mostly... Oomek 3o3, mda ePiano, zynAddSubFx and Jeskola Noise – all sampled and played through MTrk. This is a work in progress track, so if you have any criticism, please let me hear it

PS. Greetings to all on the buzz (and non-buzz) tracking scene.
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  • Sounds great. I really like this atmosphere a lot. Would fit perfectly in a game where you explore a mysterious environment.
    If I make a discosmile and boost low and high frequencies to an almost extreme level, it only sounds good when I apply these settings with firesledge parametric eq: peak/notch: 134 Hz , -5.5 dB, Q: 1.25
    In case this would be your final mix (which is not) I would apply these parametric eq settings. The bass probably conflicts with the bassdrum.
    (nice to see I can also load .ogg files in buzz, makes this a lot faster)
    anyway, it sounds very promising
  • Thanks for your comments. Working on it ...
  • I like it ... as BHS would say: "The sign of Shytan!" Waiting for the final version (hope it will be 30 minutes long ...)
  • Great track, pretty light feeling but definitely hints at more to come! Could be the intro to a really wicked long set if you keep building up the complexity from here. Looking forward to more of this!
  • Awesome. Very cinematic, expressing a deep feel and an intense tension. wow!