Tales Of Tamriel (the unfinished chapter)

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Hallo everyone... Here\'s another one inspired by Morrowind game. Got myself a decent video-card lately and saw what Morrowind really is supposed to look like .. With all these pixel shaders and stuff... No VSTi used in this track. Some effects packed along with the bmx. Have fun.
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  • mono
    nice theme and great pads here. sounds like a RPG game sound but in your qualiti. like this and its good for dream a while
  • mono
    i think will by the oblivion
  • Shytan
    Yeah. Oblivion's gonna be something!! Good old Morrowind rocks though... Thanks for feedback, Mono.
  • Xenobioz
    Very beautiful and dreamy.
  • mikhaïl
    quiet and beautiful theme, I imagine a part of pan flute here...
  • cool, you did use just a small number of sounds and instruments but nevertheless you createt a full and sophisticated arrangement. I love this. Dont let it be unfinished BUT: Please, no, dont add a part of pan flute here. Dont listen to mikhail!!
  • mikhaïl
    @schröder: I ONLY imagined...
  • @mikhail: Puuuuh, what a luck ...
  • mikhaïl
    @schröder: hehe...
  • vacuum
    yes, this sounds really nice and relaxing, great
  • Superb!! Pure Shytan inspired music. Sound is great, large, aerial. Thanks for the gift ;D
  • beekeeper
    it is quite good enough in whole
  • Shytan
    In whole? Heh.. What about in detail?... This ain't the best stuff I'm able to track, but all the same thanks for feedbackz, folks.
  • megalomania?
    You want details? 1 -idea not of the author. 2 - its not finished. 3 - (subjective) I dont like Morrowind !
  • Shytan
    To megalomania: Idea? There is no idea here Where did you find it?? Just a melody evoked by a truly beautiful RPG-game. One may think it's ridiculous, but it's just how it is... And the tune is 100% finished, I must say ... The word unfinished is just a part of the title here, 'cause the game in question can never be finished thanks to numerous plugin writers - it's an everlasting quest (TES fans will understand me). But it's all so subjective after all...
  • megalomania?
    I find your words for a dodge. Not otherwise. Ok. Thanks for that tune anyway.
  • Shytan
    Ain't no dodge here, I assure you. I'm as straightforward as ever Thanks for listening. Doin' the best I can...