Verticale Part II

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Part Two to your judgment... May sound even more pretentious than the first one and... the transitions came out somewhat messy. mda ePiano required. Have fun.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • schröder
    Another great track. It is amazing to see, what possibilities are hidden in buzz. There is nothing left to say ... just, that for my ears there is a little bit too much compression between the mixer and the master. I don't know if it is necessary. BTW: I love that OzO-bass-sound. It is soooo great ... so really, really great!!!Thanks for this new template
  • etruscan
    What a cool track! I like the big, echoey, expansive sound - very full - the vocal pad is cool. This makes me think of the trippy stuff I used to listen to on Flying Rhino - nice work
  • vaisnava
    mp3 release? please? I don't use a lot of the machines in your .bmx, and I really dont want to go through the trouble of downloading em all. But i dont want to miss a track by you Shytan.
  • Shytan
    Thanks for them comments. 
  • magmavander
    Beautiful, comme toujours Full, rich, deep. Near Heaven
  • laD_
    nice track, shytan, as usual great use of reverbs and atmospheres ;p keep buzzing!