Hayleigh IMLM - Rest In Peace (2004)

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The elements behind this song are part of my life story and my human experience....

I wrote this shortly after the loss of my daughter on 07-02-04 while I was still deep flooded with emotion from the trauma of loosing my 3 moth old baby. The road had been long, she was born with a rare genetic disease that affects 1 in 300,000 people worldwide. We had just moved to a small town called Santaquin Utah.

This one is hard to listen to sometimes for me because the emotions that it allows me to reflect on still seem as fresh as those cruelly real days of numbing despair.

My angel Hayleigh Rianna Marie is at peace. Her smile lives on in my mind. When the days are gray I still feel the sunlight on my back.... Some of me was left behind when I moved again and left that little town and those quiet mountains behind.

This song was written for, and devoted to, Hayleigh..

Fasttracker II - 2004

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  • Cheryl Dixon
    For every one of us who has lost a child, either in miscarriage, still birth, or after our child has been held in our arms, this song reflects the pain, the joy of rememberance, and I think a touch of heaven's garden music where our children go to play. So beautifully done Nathan
  • beekeeper
    Noble piano melody. The wise people saying that we cannot die. I trying believe that, but yes, it it hard when you feeling alone.. A school of Life, damn it. Condolences
  • k
    great music rest in peace Hayleigh ....
  • Yes, as I know by myself, it always hurts if someone is leaving forever ... well, look forward and keep them in mind ... finally they did not pass away as long, as you keep them in your heart and mind ... nice track ...
  • oh... I remember long time ago you told us about Hayleigh and the health problems. I didnt know that it happens, I'm so sorry for you. The music you wroted have this particular form of sadness called nostalgia : sad because of what is gone, but sweet because of joy and love you remember. You know you have friends here.
  • Thanks everyone. Its good to hear your comments. I am going through a divorce now as well. Long live the single man!