Silent Forest - Sixafterseven Mushroom Mix (0riginal By AniCator)

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The day went offline temporarily was the day I tried uploading this remix. I have been patiently waiting. Welcome back everyone. I figured was time to remix an actual compressed file. I did not use the source .bmx, but rather loaded the .MP3 into the wave-table and added machines, cuts, sound effects and the like....

Hope you enjoy it.
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1.3 MB
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This work is released under Creative Commons
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  • hmmmm, you uploaded a pls file ? I cant listen to the song atm
  • Shamrock
    The play link will give you a pls file but the download link is an mp3.
  • Gordon Shumway
    This track is a fine example for a loud and clear track within 1.3 megs. Cool, I like it and wonder how it can sound so loud within 128 kb?!?
  • Sixafterseven
    Thank Anicator for the loud sound because he was the one who created the original mp3 file which i then loaded into buzz for added sounds/synths and cut effects. I figured it was time to try a full mp3 mix and sync buzz as close to the tempo as possible rather than an all buzz mix which I usually do. Nice to see this site back up.
  • Why did I never find out about this track? Great remix!