Sparrows of Dusk

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I have been trying to hone my skills at more mellow music with a live/realistic modeled feel.

This track paints a portrait of Sparrows filling the dusk-orange sky in the Southwestern desert of America. It features the Native American language in a vocal sample which I cut from a free example of the language. I am not exactly sure on the dialect or language but believe it to be Navajo. The birds in the song are the calls of real sparrows. I know it is short and I want to expand on the idea. Feedback appreciated especially tips on ethnic or Native American music production.

Tried to keep it somewhat authentic feeling.

The Guitar is JGuitar and the other strings are Omega. Also used are Bigyo Wood One, LD Snare, Mtrk2+8 samples, and Ers Hihat.

Relax and enjoy....
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  • [anonymous]
    I tried playing this through Quicktime and iTunes... no luck :
  • sixafterseven
    Maybe the download was corrupted somehow. I tested in iTunes, winamp, media player, quicktime and audition. I even downloaded the file to test the upload here. Make sure to click "download". It will display an option to save the file which is an MP3. Thanks.
  • Beekeeper
    Very good tune! With own stylish mood and true atmo. Grea+t ! Thanks.