A tribute to Jim Morrison

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Sjef van Leeuwen
made this a while back in 2007.
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  • The first time I got to know about who the doors were, was in 1986.
    I was listened to the music, but I realise (now) that the person who I got into contact with was more about the idea what Jim Morrison presented than
    the music itself.

    He died a year ago, because of a lot of drug-abuse.
    Well, "Bas" (his first name) you gave me my 36 dutch guilders
    back to me if you let me make this comment to say that it
    would have worked better if it would have been a movement
    of it's own rather than a movement against something.
    (I mean, a movement against existing order, like parents or
    teachers) because even if the ideas are wrong, it doesn't mean
    they can't be trusted !!!.

    A good goal is to get rid of your own anger, because anger is
    always pointed at something that will strike back.
    I mean: It's not bad to get angry, but just keep in mind that
    you want to work towards a solution while doing whatever
    you want to do......

    Just don't make anger a sort of anger that is feeding itself,
    because it will destroy you.
  • Sorry for the semi-off-topic targetless comment (no bad intentions, just me swimming in my own mind).
    It's must be carnival here in Boxmeer again

    I think I remember you uploaded it before.
    Nice to hear this music + voice this way, and to learn a little bit about Jim Morrison.
  • It's great to hear the famous doors rhodes sound (the one you can hear in 'Riders on the storm'). even the drums sounds 'doors' Great backtrack!!
  • excellent production!
  • Funny, my dad still hates Jim Morrison for pulling out his dingle in miami.  LOL   This track is what I would call "authentic art"