Bereavement (2008) not finished due to hd crash.

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Sjef van Leeuwen
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Wrote this in 2008. unfortunately my harddisk crashed but i had this dump.
It's about a very good friend of mine, who lost his girlfriend to cancer at a very young age. shortly after this song was written, we also lost him also due to cancer. I think about him almost every day. I wish you were here with us, but maybe that would be egocentric, your best friends know how much pain you suffered, but I will definitely see you on the other side one day if the afterlife exists. Rest in peace my dear friend.


Bereavement is an event, and as an event, it is really a bio psycho social event.
And symptoms accompany this event.

When i say bereavement is an event. I am talking about it as a, a loss where there is an actual absence of the person, a finality to that absence.

Well Hello again...
Welcome to the other side...

Moving inside distorted circles...
Where you can hide away...

Hunting ghosts from the past.
Night and day.
Makes you feel so safe.

Searching for unreachable answers, so comfortably.
Feeling numbed by drugs...

Hiding the pain the away.
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