From Blue To Black (Dirty Purple Club Remix original by sparschaeler)

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Sjef van Leeuwen
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  • niceee! thanks for remixing, I feel honoured. Been admiring your work ever since 1994  

    works nicely at higher bpm. what did you distort it with?

    the dirty lowend comes from a qsamo with a bass that has a -24st 2nd osc

    can i post this on my soundcloud account?

  • Oh dear 1994, i feel old now

    I did not distort it, but I cranked the hell out of it on the VSC-2 Vertigo Quad Compressor  it revealed some of the grain that was in the original recording. then I layed a new basic beat over the while inserting a sidechaini compressor. Where everything below 100hz side chain compresses your recording by a couple of Decibels, making it float up and down a bit.

    Listening to it now with fresh ears it can use a pumping baseline over it.yes you can pos it on your soundcloud, gimme your site, so I can follow your work there.

  • interesting. I think I need to pay more attention to compression. which one would you recommend in buzz?

    let me know if you want the bmx (pm on soundcloud for email)

    I'm following you there, my name is caprylic

  • Good work! Interesting voice samples in there ... who's singing? Ehm,... if it is allowed to ask ... ?
  • wow! you transposed the song from a meditative and chill atmosphere to a deep house dancefloored stuff while keeping the spirit of the original song. Very good indeed!