Sjef van Leeuwen ft. Bonnie Rabson - No Sleep Tonight (1st draft)

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Sjef van Leeuwen
First draft before going to bed
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  • Not bad for the 1st draft, I'd say. Awesome, as always by you.
  • Thanks Shytan.
  • Hypnotic Grooved beats of the most lush kind.  I had the pleasure of watching it take shape.   

    Some fun facts about it:  The beats are not hard Quantized but was grooved with a slight swing like a real drummer would use.  I don't think this feature is available with buzz modular studio at least in the past it wasn't.   This slight groove stuff is what makes these beats always funky fresh.

     Sjef used Reaper to make this gem.  

    Most of the bass and FX sounds you here are made with
    and the beats made with NI battery 4.  

    U can find the singer's Acapella's here

  • Sounds pretty good, the kick is killer. Clear and clean work
  • Really like the mood of this track. Your "first draught" sounds more polished than my final masters. :P Nice work!