Whales and Dolphins, The Hot Sunny Day Remix (2006)

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Sjef van Leeuwen
Trip Hop


Keyboards: Sjef van Leeuwen / Jenny Rave / Magmavander

Lyrics: Russell Aiuto
Vocals: Sjef van Leeuwen (narrated)
It was a bright sunny day in New Mexico, the sort of dry, hot day that is the hallmark of the American Southwest. The intense sun reflected off the light tan buildings, blinding anyone out in the noonday sun without sunglasses. On a small attractive bridge situated in the heart of Santa Fe, two men met. One was in short sleeves and khaki slacks, of average height, slim and somber, with steel-rimmed glasses and clip-on sunglasses. The other was short and dumpy, incongruously wearing a fedora and a raincoat. He was dressed inappropriately for the desert heat, and was squinting against the bright sun and its reflection off the bone-dry buildings.
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  • What a classic!  Sometimes Oldies are the besties. 
  • BIG Thanks svl This is one of my all time favourite remix. A special one for me, gives me thrills each time I listen to it. I will never thank you enough you two for this song! Your talk is just perfect
    A lot of people have worked on the original theme and made various versions of "whales and dolphins" . I have to check my archives to upload these remixes. Plus another song remixed by you and jenny
  • The "Whales and Dolphins" jam uploaded