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  • Hey you're on a run If you wish you could give the "right hand" of the piano a bit more foreground, its good!
  • Thanks for your hint I was trying to use here different sound, not a piano, but after one hour of trying different sounds, none of them sounded good, so I decided to use piano again, because it always fits everywhere Anyway, I feel like I use piano too often, which is not good in my opinion.
  • Plus I feel like melody played by right hand is not complete here. It definitely lacks something. Maybe I will have a chance to correct it in the future.
  • Yeah, I know that, the piano is the king. IMHO it is sometimes necessary to transpose/change the notes after changing the instrument, I am often too lazy for that, so I keep the piano Perhaps you find an excellent vocal for it.
  • Yes, good vocals may add a lot to the music. I wish I could cooperate with good singer and bass player. Unfortunately, music made only with a computer often have no soul. When it comes to vocals, there are lots of them on the internet. It's always good experiment to use one of them and compose a music around it. Really great fun.
  • I like this! Cool sliding bass line.