Afterthought III (2005 loops)

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Greetings and Good Wishes Buzzworld. Afterthought is Reborn! After a long hiatus from feeding my musical needs, I have found a recipe from two of my favorite digital chefs. These ingredients have been marinating for over 1 yr. and I think its time for all other cooks to come into the kitchen. This new dish still needs lots of spices, a swinging sauce, and heaps of preparation. Who’s Hungry?
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • [anonymous]
    Unwieldy tracker and mda piano needed. Thanks Shytan and Nool.
  • magmavander
    Cool remix Sometimes it's clipping it seems (with high freqs). At the first listen I thought that the file was corrupted because the long silence after the intro drum But then the sound comes back. But no piano sound ?!!
  • nool
    awesome ! i like what you did with the mix alot D sounds really cool, but sadly, i also can't hear any piano/vsti sounds ;( can you upload a mp3 so i can hear it all ? thanks stvn !
  • [anonymous]
    Hummm...Works fine on my end...What could it be? Anyhow I will upload an mp3 and look deeper into the cause.......