Restless ft. Snowflake

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RestlessA rushing, muddy streamOf incessant thoughtsLike rapids colliding with rocksMy broken mindIs a jagged shorelineMy heart is a dense stoneLava flow hardened by shallow end breathFaster, fasterRuns the locomotive in my chestIts engine burning anxietyIts urgency polluting meI wrestle myself untilWill becomes a magnifying glassFor Soul to observe the madnessI grasp for a fool’s toolsIn the napsack upon my backGurusPracticeCrystalsCardsDecades of studyAnd healingBut so farThis demon in my bloodChases me ahead of the momentInside is an endlessTug ofWarProductivity and perfection pushAs I desperately cling to the rope of awarenessThat pulls me backAnd saves me from breaking yet another boneIn this miracle bodyThat has carried me through a litany of injuryI’m always chasing the rabbit!Is there a cure for my pathology?Could a mind finally stilledBe a pure antidoteFor this rampant attention deficiency?Alas rapids collide with the rocksIn my rushing, muddy thoughtsUntilGraced by Mother’s sweet oxygenI find the presentIn my breathAgain
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