Fundoo !

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Swami singhji
Just a little attempt of hindi electro jazz in Buzz with 3 commercial VSTi (Thanks Mr. Polac for your fantastic VST(i) Loaders) and some vocal & muted trumpet samples.
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  • cool, cool, cool ... groovy and hypnotizing! ... and it leaves enough room for imagination. while listening to it in looooooop i had an idea -> see remixes
  • Thanks P.M ! leaves enough room for imagination...and it's exactly the purpose !!
  • VEry good!! I like the tension, the groove. This is very well done I enjoyed a lot the listening, thanks!!
  • Oh ! thanks for your comment mag !!
  • I totally agree with MV. I really dig this one. Great atmosphere, very nice instrumentation (nice tabla drumming !) and solid composition. I like a lot every time the synthetic choir (?) comes in and then come a few sitar's notes... really makes me shiver. The mix is excellent, very clean and well-balanced. Perfect for my taste.
  • Hey, thanks a lot Nephtali !!...your comment really touches me...if the music doesn't get any emotion for the listener, then the music is nothing for me.