Promise featuring Astrid (Core Version)

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Hi everyone !

Promise Featuring Astrid (Core Version)

I recently bought a new bike and together with my best friends, so much fun going out bowling.. going to different places it gave me the energy to create this.
Made 2 versions, 1 with no intro (core version) and the original, the speech was not on the right bpm but fit's just fine, one thing I have
learned from decades of composing that things does not always have to fit with bpm, it has a more realistic feeling,...

Thanks to Astrid Demtroeder for her voice !!! samples from Vocal Attack that i bought

Anyway I hope some can enjoy my newest piece, personally I think the original is the best.
Uploading on Buzztunes first will upload on the dead Trax in Space tommorow :/

Best regards, Synthi

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