Amber BMX (original by thOke)

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Temporalsounds & thOke
some EQ. Thanks to thOke for sharing bmx
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Smoother version, very relaxing. Very good sound quality!
  • Thank you mag
  • C'mon, you did some EQ only ?    Sounds almost like a different song.  Great version, real evolution!
  • Thanks HerrFornit! Just figured out,when I listen mp3 track on mobile phone with any headphones, I can hear(in the beginning of song) some distortion or cracking noise when playing lower frequencies.Whats going on here ?
  • Any song? Only YOUR mobile phone? Not when using DSL?   Tested the first 30 sec of this song with my Samsung mobile phone and headphones for DSL and LTE4, no crackling sounds or glitches noticed. PS your bmx sounds really different compared to the mp3, low levels. Did you remaster it?
  • You are right.It's my mobile phone SONY Xperia10. When tried with Huawei everything was OK. Yes,there are some audio settings like Clear audio+,DSEE HX,but I dont use it.Who knows..No, I didn't remaster it.I will check the bmx.I guess,I uploaded right file :o
  • Just tested downloaded file here and all seems to be OK.? Try these settings : 
  • Ah, thank you, that's very nice. The bigyo compressor (v 0.1) had quiet diffent values ! Now it sound as far as I can hear very similar. But how is this? The "knee" option is in a different line, Which version is it in your setup?
  • oh, its' BG compressor in your setup !! Don't know at all why its' loading a different machine, both are in the place.
  • only preset files differ ?
  • Yes, presets file depends, if you create new preset in buzz machine today for example, there will be actual date. 
  • Thanks for this cool, smooth and detailed remix! Many new things happening in the bmx. Have to explore it! (The bmx has the bigyo not the bg compressor in the master chain!)
  • Yes,I used BG compressor in bmx.