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I start to testing  some drum loop with compressor and limiter yesterday.I did  the same anear similarly like thOke in 'Winston Session' bmx song.I end up with this short simple track
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  • Really nice track!! I like a lot the big fat bass Great use of Infector (My Love!! ).
  • Only five downloads for a bmx...
  • perhaps the mp3 makes curious?
    (missing machines here by the way)
  • Thanks Mag.Yes,Infector is nice machine
    I like many presets of it.
    Mp3 doesn't exist yet,Qbrain makes some noises,I'm still EQ it..
    Which machine are you missing ?If you miss bg compressor,I copied dll and renamed to: Bigyo compressor.I missed this in thOke's Winston Session too,so I renamed and pasted.I keep both of them in folder.
  • ok. EQ10 is finally missing. Renamed automation resp rout EQ10 to "EQ10.dll".
    Then no missing machines, but missing tracks (3rd and 4th track in mixIO)
    sounds promising anymway ..

  • Hmm,tracks in mixIO are missing,that's weird.I downloaded this BMX here and seems to be OK.
    I used  packed machines with new skins from thOke's post on buzzforum.This machine pack is named 'Buzzboards'.I used this pack , copied  machines to generator folder.But I can see on forum,you probably did the same.So maybe this is not the problem.I'll try this BMX with different computer.
  • Did you use the same editor for all generators? You know, the XP problem .....
  • Aha!,you are right.Oh,I didn't use same editor :oops: :oops:I'll upload it again with pattern XP soon.(no 'mod').sorry