Awake To IXdream

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  • IX is Magic Cool use of the machine. I didnt tried it yet. It is a complex machine. Thanks!
  • Is IXix's magic machine? Its sound like.
  • Thank you guys !I agree with you Mag,it is complex machine and if I would say the truth,,,the true is that I have no idea how it works...I used in this shit equalised track just only one event of this machine 'peer ctrl event'.I'm sometime confused about it.I don't know...Yes HerrFornit ,it's magic machine
  • wow cool
  • thank you Jenny
  • I am glad that somebody "dares" to upload a song here with magic machine! Especially not knowing how it works  ha ha Anyway, it works!
  • Thanks HF .I hope, nobody will get angry..he.
  • HerrFornit you can download some IXMagic bmx at Buzz Forums too.By the way, check these incredible videos by tinga using a Leap Motion to drive and improvise a full orchestra within Buzz : 
  •!! I forget that wze cant copy/paste links here. Go to jeskola forum, to "Leapmotion with Buzz?" thread and at the end of the second page and check the link to youtube given by tinga. The one posted Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:43 am  is fantastic!!
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  • Hey mag, thanx. I know that videos, Amazing. It shows how mighty/flexible buzz can be. Looks like tinga would conduct a whole orchestra! We'll see how far he and buzz can go .....    I hoped that ThOke or even IXix upload some of their magic song here, well, I have to grab them then