Black Hole II

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  • put this on your next album... just eq the bass a little
  • Thanks Jenny !
    yes,it needs reduce bass a bit
    on next album? hehe, in my next life

  • Excellent !  Can be a video game soundtrack. I like the warm sounding and the clarity of all sounds together
    PS : did you get my answer in PM at Buzz Forums ?
    PS 2 : 10!!
  • Thanks magma !
    PS: Yes I did.Thanks for answer.I have read it. I had to run to my work at evening,I´m working during night this week.
  • Great note-off rhythm. I like such sparing songs. With my headphone bass is ok for me.
  • Thank you Markus
    Before I upload this track,I listened with more sources with DIRECT on (´Pure´ audio with no correction).ONKYO A5VL+CANTON Cx spkrs and sub.With very old regal RFT B9251 from Germany.I listened with KOSS portaPro and audio-technicaM30x headphones on more mobilephones.With onkyo and standfloor KEF Q35,same is on the pic of my logo .
    Every sounds diffrent ofcourse

  • ...old regal RFT B9251 from Germany...

    how do they sound?

    I have read that by mixing/mastering with good nearfield studiomonitors it sounds good on any device.

    Well, once I tried to listen my songs in my car. Oh my dear..
  • Yes,I tried in car my songs too,sounds horrible 
    They sounds...bassmidrange,high are cutted a bit, to 18 kHz,but I change capacitors and change resistors before hochtonlautsprecher.
    Very good midrange sound.I like them
  • thanx for the picture. they look robust. A good fellow .  :;