Elica Sun - bmx(feat.Elica Le Bon)

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Acapella vocal from Plugin Boutique.(got for free sample pack).YALA VST effect: https://vst4free.com/plugin/3031/
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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1.7 MB
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This work is released under Creative Commons
Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

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  • Unusual drums and percs from you I like it!! Very chill and dynamic in the same time. Cool delay on keyboard. I'd like to hear more the little synth playing in the background in the middle. Cool one!!
  • Thank you Mag.I remember, how you explained me at the forum, how to use PsiDrum and load drumkits with this machine time ago.I forget to use it more.If you downloaded bmx,can you load that drumkit success ?Thanks for comment
  • Hi TS, I cant load the bmx... It asks me for the drumkits but I have it. It asks me for : "Alesis_DM5_Hihats.drumkit" and mine is : "Alesis DM5 Hihats.drumkit". The mine was without underscore in the name. So I tried to put underscore to the name of the drumkit but same result. Maybe the place where drumkits are stored ? I have the YALA vst so this is not the problem. Sorry...
  • Aaah,I know why  is the problem there.I downloaded this file: http://jeskola.net/buzz/songs/Buzz%20History/ABC/command0%20-%20Toys%20%5ble%20Fagut%20Mx%5d.bmx,and there was the same drumkit named Alesis_DM5_Hihats asked me  with underscore.I will upload again bmx file with that right named drumkit.This is mz fault.I'm in work now,so when I come home at 10pm, I will check it.Sorry.