Eracilon - 05 Oblivion (ts rmx)(original by Eracilon)mp3

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Temporalsounds & Eracilon
I took bmw file from 500kb bmw contest.I used one VST plugin and drum sample here.Hope ,you don't mind.
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  • Thanks ! It's the first time (This one was written like a fugue, same melody with various speed on each line).If you want some other bmx, just ask, I don't publish them only because I use VST with Garritan Personnal Orchestra (I made one exception for the bmx contest).
  • Holy Sh.t!  You were faster than me. I wanted to make a remix of an Eracilon song. Anyway at the moment no Buzz on my PC. I have buy one second hand Gamer PC (Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz  , 120 Go ssd. 1 To HD. 24 Go ram. Nvidia GTX 1060 6Go, Gamer motherboard Z170 PRO Gaming, 620 watts power supply) and I have not reinstalled Buzz yet. I will do it soon. At the moment I am playing at God of War and woaw, this PC kills I bought it also because I wanted to try Unreal Engine 5.0. This version is absolutely beautiful, I like it very very much!! 10, of course
  • Eracilon Nice job! 
  • Temporalsound good job!
  • Magmavander pick up a audio interface for your newish PC 
  • wow, very cool version, you got the rythm. I like the part at 1:09 after the break very much, so easy!
  • @mag is a 1060 enough for UR5 ?
  • Thank you all of you guys ! Hope,you are doing well .Yeah Mag,pick up an audio interface ..
  • Well the motherboard is well known for its very good quality audio chip. I have noticed a notable difference with my previous PC on my headphones. I will see. First I want to add another bigger SSD hard disk. @Herr : I have tested it yet. But my two of my child use it and they think it will be ok. I'll tell you
  • @Herr : I have NOT tested it yet... sorry