I feel like a bird 2020 (BMX original by magmavander)

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  • Ah yes! This version is really interesting, you and herrfornit did a great job in a totaly different inspiration.I like how you turn it into something ambient and funny in the same time Thanks!!
  • Yeah Mag ,well said.I like, how powerful Infector is and how great you can use  it! for bass,ambient sounds..etc. Thanks Mag for orig.bmx.
  • hey, a bit spooky, your remix Do you stiĺl know that chimera-game for childten ? you have to draw the beginning of an animal then wrap the sheet of paper for the next player at the table. He draws the next part of the animal without knowing the preceding drawing, and so on ....  I am not at home. Back there I will have a further look at it . cu
  • Ah,yes I know what you mean.That could be fun to try play it with my children Spoky remix ? hmm,basically,I didn't mean to scary anybody ,but when I was waiting my wife (about two days ago) in front of supermarket in my car,I saw about 4 humans in front of store holding mobilephones and still something watching in it..OK,nevermind.... another woman get in to her car, holding mobilephone in hand and start driving still holding that mobilephone and drive.I just moved my head side to side and scary a bit ..talk to myself,what the hell is this ??...
  • ha ha! oh yes. that woman is a real threat. when I stay back home I try the chimera game with your song . but its not the same because I know your song already. it would be the same when starting composing at the end of the sequence without listen to the song ...  that would be really spooky