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Acid Jazz
I was infected with Mag about Jazz maybe
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  • Great! This reminds me jazz rock era, jazz with a more fat drums and synths. I like the reverb on the various brass, it gives a sort of mystery to it. Welcome to Jazz Land
  • ey, great variety in this song. When I think "now something different" it comes Superb use of the samples. Sounds quite natural !
  • Thank you Mag, HerrFornit. I used one drum sample loop, another drum is from Solid 2 virtual drummer VST (I invest a bit to my plugins library, hm) , that sounds really natural.. Pearl drum buzz machine, 909 etc..( I don't want to promote here plugins of course) Thank you guys for listening!
  • Ah, anyway, Solid2 64bit VST plugin loses  seting parameters in Buzz. 
  • I like the string/pad in the middle of the song. Also the sax is great.  What is it? PS solid2 settings: Did you check the "save VST Params to song" uncheck embedded GUI?
  • String/pad in the middle of the song is M4WII machine with modified preset,and one Sax is WAV sample another is Jeskola XS-1 build 520 machine,File: GM.xs1 Preset:0:58. Tubas.I unchecked both in bridge settings.Now I think is OK.Because menu of plugin was flashing too.Thank you HF !
  • I mean this settings, like you describe on forum: https://ibb.co/PDG4gJY thanks
  • Yes, exactly, like I described in the forum. -  (Had to download the GM.xs1 via tinga's link in the forum first ). Do you like to sahre the M4 preset in the forum threat for preset and templates? Thanx !