Lofi Girl- bmx(correction)

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huge 16 MB bmx file omg.EDIT : The previous version was really rubbish. Hope ,this sounds better..
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Nice compilation an combination of samples. The vocal is a bit out of tune for my taste, so I tried to (auto) pitch it but with little success
  • He he , I tried the same, but no success .. In some moments ,vocal doesn't match too much with music, true. I can hear it now. Same told me my daughter, I didn't suppose . Thank you HF for comment anyway!
  • I like a lot the intro of the song, woaw, great atmosphere!! I agree that the vocal sounds out of tune. I like the guitar but something is not correct with it. I think the rythm of it clashes with the rythm of drums and bass. Anyway, this one have a really great potential with more work
  • perhaps you go down this road further, (please).
  • Thank you guys ! Go down this road further?Ah, definitely ..yes .. 'Show must go on' ... Now ,I'm trying to connect and make working my new system PC build, but not success these days .... https://linustechtips.com/topic/1313331-pci-e-to-pci-adapter/?tab=comments#comment-14733901
  • Funny I was think about your new system these days, if it runs well with AMD Ryzen ...? Some compatibility problems of AMD can be solved by limiting the PCIe bus to Gen3 (or 2?), don't know if the B450 can handle PCI4 already?
  • Yes,B450 supports up to gen3 only.Supports newest CPUs and AMDs SAM(smart acces memory).Thanks HerrFornit for the tip about PCIe bus