Matho - ABS Session take 02 - bmx (original by magmavander)

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Temporalsounds & matho
Free Jazz
Sorry about delay-upload  of bmx file.My daughter is in hospital again and I have harder times know.
Buzz module (BMX/BMW)
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  • Oh my dear. Fingers crossed.
  • Thank you HerrFornit
  • Nothing is more important than your beloved daughter. I wish her to be better very soon. 
  • Thank you Mag.We should go for her today,but not sure.She is in different town about 50km/31miles distance.Visiting prohibited due to pandemic.
  • samlepack of vocal download
  • Thanx for sample pack. I always chase for good vocal samples, not very much good and free  around. Using always the same. PS Hopefully she can use skype etc.
  • Very elaborated free lounge jam. Exciting to hear where you go with the inititial material.A lot of good ideas and a quality mix! .... Sad to hear about your daughter. Hope she will recover soon!
  • thanks thOke!