Matho - ABS Session Take 04 MP3 (original by thOke)(rmx)

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ABS Session take 4 ?MP3 file now.I am really working to make' load-able' bmx file soon.time ,time..Thank you guys for great ideas in this project!EDIT:I was working this from Mag's file original and copied some notes from thOke Mtrk bass 03 pattern I think.
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  • It's growing into the house/lounge landscape now. fro which Album is it?  ha ha
  • Ah yes,.. to hit specific genre is often my nightmare I am not' jazzyman' From which album? he he, you got me now... Thanks HerrFornit
  • I'm no "jazzyman" either.  Its nice to see the evolution of this song into other genres, thats creativity. You could use this song in your next album, he he
  • What a clear sound! I wouldnt use "House" as new genre. Maybe "floating" music ? I love this new mix. Bravo Maestro
  • Thank you Mag.I will add  this song to my next album named : "Matho Buzz Float Jazz"