Nodular One (original by nubz)

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Temporalsounds & nubz
nice track
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  • love the extra magic sprinkled throughout - nice remix
  • Thank you. Just some EQ from me. Did you made your track in  Buzz tracker?
  • Yes 100% pure Jeskola Buzz!
  • Ah great! I'm just curious..sorry
  • Ah don't  be sorry - I love Buzz - it's the best - made tons of tunes with it - also used Reason quite a lot but Buzz is the best for me, I only recently, this week, installed Win10 on my previously Linux laptop purely so I could get Buzz up and running again as my older Win7 laptop has no screen or audio out anymore - but it does have a stash of bmx files and wavs I made 6 or 7 years ago (including this one) so going to enjoy firing them all up again.
  • I love Buzz too other Buzzers hehe,
  • Cool remix, bass is clearer and has more power now. Did you use a stereo/widening  tool?
  • Thank you HerrFornit! Yes,I used DX effect from Cakewalk : Sonitus fx:Phase ,than I use Ozone Stereo Imager in Buzz chain.
  • This one :