Pisces Ultra Loop

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Trip Hop
More or less finished project from 2018,when I discovered Buzz again ,BuzzTunes and so on..possibilities of DAW...Love that tracker!Thanks to all developers and Oskari..,it is my secret world.BMX on the way thank you for listen
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  • This is great, those drums are perfect, good finished sound also.
  • Thank you, Thank You vacuum!!!
  • Love this !D I'm always amazed by the use of space in your music. Very moving tune, smooth and strong in the same time!!
  • Merci Mag !
  • still sounds fresh even tho its from 2018
  • Thank you Jenny.I made some EQ now,but compared with yours Wheres The Sun sounds like a crap(listened both mp3 in the car sound system).
  • It sounded good to me, but I will try a remaster  
  • ok i listened to it in the car sound system, it still sounded good. I did a remaster. of what I think it should sound like... I did not have to do much.... your original sounds good even in the car.