Velvet Autumn MP3 (original by thOke)

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Temporalsounds & thOke
I guess,not destroyed too much.At the end of my RMX track wanted to correct a little, but I keep it.Thank you thOke.
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  • Hey! Great version, the trance elements are a good variation, "Rhythm" sample and the bass in the intro are more in the foreground now. I don't have the time for a remix now, perhaps I do it later, I am thinking about an even more sparse version with the bass as the "star" of the song. I'll see... A machine is missing, I think the wock Fuzzpilz slocoder? Do have it?
  • Yes I have Fuzzpilz slocoder.Try to search here for machines.Link: Trance elements is VST plugin:M-Theory and Arp preset is :"Dirty Mind".Link Danke HerrFornit!
  • WOW. I like the fuller sound and the new elements!! Really enjoyed this new mix! Thank you!
  • arrgh, I always forget the machine packs in my download folder! Thanks for reminding me again! And thanks for VST link, sounds nice!
  • No problem HF  
  • Excellent remix. I agree about the fuller and smoother sounding. You added "air" to the whole song. Great
  • Thanks Mag & thOke. Great work from thOke with Buzz!